While Tribe does not offer a native iOS or Android application, there are two alternative ways that you can integrate Tribe with your mobile app.

1. API Integration (Advanced)

One way of implementing Tribe natively in your mobile app is to use Tribe's REST API and implement the front end interface that best suits your app.

Although this method gives you total freedom and the most flexibility from a user experience perspective, it can be hard to implement.

2. Web View Integration (Intermediate)

An easier and more common way of integrating Tribe with your mobile apps is through a Web View integration.

Using this method you will be able to embed a web view inside your mobile app. The web view endpoint is customizable and can include or exclude the header as well as custom CSS for those looking to match the "look and feel" of your mobile app experience.

If you do have a mobile app, you can definitely integrate Tribe in your mobile application. Visit this community post to learn more.

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