Google Analytics 4 is the latest iteration from Google and it comes with AI-powered insight generation, granular data control, and combines data tracking across the web and mobile properties.

Here are the steps to set up Google Analytics 4 with your Tribe Community:

1. Click on Admin and then on Setup Assistant.

2. Click on Tag Installation

3. Add a Data Stream for your community if you don't already have one.

4. If you already have a Data Stream for your community site, click on the Data Stream.

5. Copy the Measurement ID (e.g., G-FBE5KQO28B).

6. Now you need to paste the Measurement ID in the Google Analytics app in your community and update.

7. Verify the set up by checking the real-time view in Google Analytics.

Note: Currently, Tribe doesn't support community event (e.g, questions asked, answered, upvoted) tracking via Google Analytics 4. These events can be tracked via Universal Analytics.

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