Pabbly Connect integration is yet another powerful way to automate your workflows and connect Tribe with the tools you already use. At this point, you can integrate Tribe with close to 400 third-party apps using Pabbly.

⚠️ This integration is fully maintained by Pabbly Connect. Please reach out to the Pabbly team if you need any help.

Now let's dive in and explore a sample workflow on Pabbly. In this example, we'd be integrating Tribe with Google Sheets. The workflow will get triggered whenever there is a new post and the content will be populated in a Google Sheet.

Step 1

Create an account on Pabbly.

Step 2

Once you log in, open up Pabbly Connect.

Step 3

Click on "Create New Workflow".

Step 4

Give a name to your workflow and save.

Step 5

Select Tribe for the Trigger component of the workflow.

Step 6

Select the "New Post" event as the Method.

Step 7

Copy the Webhook.

Step 8

Log in to your community and install the Webhooks app (requires subscription to the Premium plan).

Step 9

Click on the Add Webhook button and select the post.create event.

Step 10

Paste the Webhook URL that you had copied from Pabbly (Step 7) and click on Create button.

Step 11

Now create the Action component on Pabbly Connect. Select the Google Sheets app and choose Add New Row.

Step 12

Connect your Google account by authorizing Pabbly.

Step 13

Select the Google Sheet file and Sheet that will get updated with new post data.

Step 14

Map the column name with the data received from Tribe.

Step 15

Once you are done with the mapping, save, and test the integration.

Step 16

Save the workflow to activate data flow.

Create a sample post in your community and ensure that it is actually getting synced on Google Sheet as well.

Got any questions? Get in touch with the Pabbly team.

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