Tribe offers a host of notification tools to ensure that your community can reach the members irrespective of the channel. And one of the critical channels to reach people is messaging apps.

Since Slack is the ubiquitous messaging app that teams in professional settings use to converge all the company communication, Tribe offers deep integration with Slack. This helps you improve member engagement, retention as well as community administration by sending notifications to the app that people already have open all day.

Installing Slack app on Tribe

Installing and enabling the Slack app on your community is straightforward.

1. Click on admin settings

2. Click on "Apps" on the left side navigation.

3. Scroll down to Slack app, click on Install, enable the app, and click on Update.

This introduces the option to connect with Slack for the members as well as your team (admins and moderators).

Connecting with Slack

Now members can access Account Settings, select Apps, and click 'Connect Slack'.

Once a member initiates Slack Connection, Tribe Bot would request permission to post the notifications.

After granting the permissions, the members would see Tribe Bot in the Slack workspace.

Tribe Bot would start posting community notifications for the member and attach the specific link for the activity so the members can easily go back to the community.

💡 Since a member can be a part of multiple Tribe communities, this connection can be activated by the member, for different communities. The Tribe Bot would also signify the same by highlighting the community name in each message.

Tribe and Slack integration

Your community admins and moderators will also stay up to date and have the ability to manage the community efficiently.

For example, your team can learn about different member actions such as questions posted, answers added, answers requested, topics added, content, and members reported for moderation.

Got any questions? Send us a message at [email protected], or use the messenger on the bottom right-hand corner to start a conversation!

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