By installing the Moderation App, you can manage the content generated by your community members.

To get started, you may Install the "Moderation" app by clicking on your Avatar on the upper right of the community then go to Admin Settings > Apps. Find Moderation from the list and hit Install.

Once you have installed the Moderation App, you will see these setting options for the app:


"Minimum reputation" refers to the minimum Reputation Score that is required to post something in the community without waiting for an Administrator's/Moderator's approval.

"Minimum account age" refers to how long a user should be in your community to be able to post content without waiting for the Administrator's/Moderator's approval.

"Blacklist" refers to the list of prohibited words or phrases in your community.

Setting up the Moderation App

1. Tick the Enabled box.

2. Define the Minimum Reputation Score or Account age. If the users' account had not achieved to those numbers yet, their "activities" will be sent for moderators' review before getting published live. These "activities" include "Creating" a content, leaving a "Comment" under a post, or "Reply" to other's posts in discussion or article.

Check the box for "Send all content from users with an unverified email to moderation" to send all content generated by unverified members to moderation.

3. Add sensitive words to your community Blacklist. This way, any content that has these words in it, will be sent to moderation before it gets published in the community. You can also tick the box for Include common profane words in the blacklist.

4. Hit the Update button to apply changes.

Now, you might be wondering what happens after you enabled your Moderation App? If a content falls under the category you set (Minimum age, Minimum Reputation and includes a word in the blacklist) in your Moderation App, the user will receive a pop-up message that says "your post is sent for moderation's approval".

Then, the posts will end up in the new "Moderation Section", where admins and moderators can either accept or decline the post.

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