This feature is only available for Premium and Enterprise users.

What the Multilingual app does is, it lets your users choose their own preferred language bypassing the current language your community has set. You just have to enable the app and the option to change the language at the account level will be enabled. How to install the app you say?

Just follow the steps below to enable this:

1. Click on your avatar on the upper right part of your community and click on Admin Settings.

2. On the left part of your screen click on Apps.

3. Just look for the Multilingual app in the list of apps available to your plan. And click on Install.

4. Don't forget to enable the app so that the option in Account settings will show for your community members.

5. Once this is done, just hit on update and your members will be able to change their language setting by changing this in their Account Setting as shown below.

That's it! Got any questions? Send us a message at [email protected], or use the bottom right-hand corner widget to start a conversation!

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