Are you planning to show a snippet of what type of content your community is all about but doesn't want unregistered members to have access without them registering? Well, we got you.

Having a sign-up wall installed means that while content is being indexed by Google, visitors still would need to sign-up to be able to see the content fully. The users who are not logged-in can only see the first few lines of content, not the entire content.

Therefore, when you publish interesting content on your community, people would not just read it and leave the community. They will need to sign-up into your community to access the entire content.

However, please be advised that the sign-up wall does not make your community completely private. If you want a more private community, and you want any content of your community to be available only for the logged-in users, you need to activate the private mode: How to activate private mode in my Tribe community? In this case, users who are not logged in won't be able to access any content or page of your community.

You can easily install Sign-Up Wall on your tribe community. By doing the following steps below:

1. Click on your profile picture and go to the Admin Settings.

2. On the left part of your Admin page, you will see there Apps. Click on it.

3. In this example, I chose Signup Wall to be installed on my community.

4. Click on the Install button, refresh your community, and the app should be installed immediately.

If you wish to install other apps to your community, please click on the link below to learn how: How to install an app to my tribe community?.

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