Is OAuth2 secure?

OAuth2 is the recommended and more secure way of implementing SSO between your website and Tribe community. Tribe supports the most common implementations of OAuth2 including OpenID Connect.

How to enable OAuth2 SSO to your community?

To be able to use OAuth2 SSO method, your website or product should act as an OAuth2 identity provider. If you're using Okta or Auth0 as your user identity management system you can easily enable OAuth2 protocol since they support OAuth2 out of the box. Most content management systems have plugins to support OAuth2 as well. For instance, you can use WP OAuth Server plugin to add OAuth2 support to your WordPress website.

To enable OAuth2 SSO on your Tribe, you can simply go to the Admin Panel and install OAuth2 SSO app. Before enabling the SSO, you should enter values for Client ID, Client Secret, Authorization URL, and Token URL. These fields are mandatory for enabling the OAuth2 SSO and are available in your identity management system control panel.

"Is it complicated to enable OAuth2? Not really, we already did the research for you so all you have to do is to follow our step by step guide."

For the complete documentation on how to enable this to your community, kindly head on to our Developers portal.

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