Ever wondered what you could've done within Tribe? Ever wondered what you could have achieved if you have a different plan aside from the basic plan that we have? Well, those questions are pretty much what we want to avoid and that's why we have our Free Trial. Did you know that our Free Trial doesn't ask for your credit card? Yes! Opting to try our Free Trial doesn't require you to input your credit card info so you're pretty much free to try our Free Trial without worrying that we might charge you in case you forget to cancel the Trial in the next 14 days after starting the Trial.

Here in Tribe, we make sure that you experience the product first before we go ahead and ask you to pay for our service. In our Free Trial, you will get to experience all the features a Premium community have. To learn more about the features and apps our Premium plan have, please head on to our pricing page here.

In the case that you decided not to pursue with any of our paid plans, no need to worry about all the content you have on your community as you get to keep everything. You're just going to lose all the Premium features but you get to keep your community as is. To learn more about what will happen to your community when you downgrade or after the free trial, please head on to our article here.

Got any questions? Send us a message at [email protected], or use the bottom right hand corner widget to start a conversation!

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