Your account being downgraded can be somewhat stressful to some. Especially if they put a lot of effort in their community. Building it from the ground up. A lot of questions pop into their head. What happens to my community? Will I need to start again from scratch? Did I just wasted hours or days of my time perfecting my community? All of these questions are valid and we are here to make sure you know what you can expect.

What really happens when your community gets downgraded?

  1. Access to the paid features would be disabled.
  2. The downgrade would not make any changes to the existing content and members.
  3. If the current number of members exceed 500 (which is the limit for free plans), registration will be disabled so new members would not be able to join the community.

Once downgraded, only the first 500 members will be kept active and all the exceeding members will be suspended and will see a message that they don't have access to the community. But don't worry since those users will not be deleted. When you upgrade the plan again, those users will be able to access the community again.

That is why we really suggest that you subscribe to our paid plans if you are decided to do so. Instead of waiting for the trial to finish.

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