You're probably asking what can Tribe do for your professional community? Tribe offers the right tools to build powerful Community of Practice. You can bring together a group of people who share a craft or a profession and empower them to connect, share ideas and build relationships.

What Tribe looks like or what your community can look like

Structuring a Community of Practice (CoP)

Primarily Topics and Groups can be used to structure a community. For example, if you creating a Community of Practice for customer success professionals in the SaaS (Software as a Service) domain, some of the topics could be Voice of Customer, Revenue Management, Metrics, Customer Journey, Technology stack, and Career.

Similarly the Groups apps can be used to create sub-communities to bring people with certain shared interests closer. For instance, in case of the above-mentioned example, groups can be created based on stage of the company — early stage, growth stage, and mature stage.

Content types

Tribe offers four different types of content — in most of cases Q&A along with discussion post type can handle the majority of the use cases. You can learn more by checking out our article about Content Types.

Promote high-quality content contribution

Since the primary objective of a CoP is to create and share knowledge, ensure that you have the exact tools to nudge the members in the right direction.

Here are some of the popular ways to promote quality contribution in the community:

1) Leaderboard: Leaderboards are great for showcasing the best members with quality community content by scoring their activities. It inspires the other members to also start contributing to the community in a competitive manner.

2) Badges: Badges are great to award the members who have contributed high-quality content. It makes them showcase their reputation in the community and boosts their morale to continue with the good work. Consider rising star and master as the potential examples of such badges.

3) Virtual coins: This one plays into the incentivization of the member action — for example, you could reward members with certain virtual coins when their content receives a specific number of upvotes from the peers. Finally, these points would be redeemed to pay for the service or product (even shopping vouchers).

Just head on to our article here to learn more about this.


Install the Moderation app to ensure that your community is safe and protected from spammers.

You can define the minimum reputation points and account age for contribution (posting, replying, and commenting). You can also blacklist certain keywords and allow Tribe to automatically flag common profane words.

Additional apps for Community of Practice

In addition to the apps discussed above, you can also consider installing the following apps:

SEO Boost → This ensures that you have better control over the way search engines crawl and index your community pages.

Social login → Allow members to easily sign up for your community using their existing social media accounts (Facebook, Google, Slack, LinkedIn, and Twitter).

Translation → If your community members speak different languages, enable this to automatically translate the content generated in the community.

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