Tribe allows educational institutes to build an online community for students and alumni in a highly structured, secure, and branded space. It can open up valuable opportunities ranging from job opportunities, internships and partnerships to sponsorships and event ticketing.

Value delivered to your alumni

  • Access to a valuable network consisting of academia and working professionals
  • New job opportunities
  • Collecting ideas, suggestions, and feedback to excel professionally

Value delivered to your students

  • Internship and job opportunities
  • Opportunity to gain industry knowledge by working on company projects
  • Gain guidance on a professional level
  • Access to a valuable network

Value delivered to your institution

  • Inculcate emotional bond with students and alumni
  • Quick time to market
  • Can be maintained with limited resources
  • Collecting donations and sponsorship for events
  • White-label solution and customizable to match your branding

Read on to explore how you can structure your online community for students and alumni.

Community access

You can enable Social Login app (e.g., LinkedIn) to allow users to login to the community. Also, SSO can be configured to allow members to join with user credentials shared by your institute (e.g., [email protected]).


Create a specific topic to share the updates, latest news, media mentions, etc. to keep your students and alumni in the loop.

Job board

This can be a specific group or channel in the community to share job openings. Your alumni could post the job requirements to see if any member would be interested in the opportunity.

Internship opportunity

This could either be a topic inside the group dedicated to job opportunities or could be a dedicated group.

Clubs and societies

Every educational institute has several clubs and societies to enable a group of students to pursue their interest and collaborate. For example, a business school could have a clubs for marketing, consulting, finance, etc.

Dedicated groups can be created and only the member of the clubs can be given access to collaborate.

Startup Funding opportunities

It is well-known that some of the educational institutes have startup incubators to foster entrepreneurship. A dedicated group can help students and alumni building companies come together to share knowledge. Also, members with access to investors can help in fund raising.

Media sharing

A dedicated topic can be created and institute admins can share different files, collaterals, images, and videos can the members can go through. It can help in onboarding and allow the admins to share important information.


This could be a specific topic in which you can post the upcoming events, guest lectures, and meetings.

Payment processing

If you are looking to charge the alumni a subscription fee, you can leverage the API or Zapier integration to collect payment and provide access to the community. This can also used to collect donations from the alumni.

Mobile strategy

If you have a mobile app for institution, you can embed the community with widgets and API offered by Tribe.

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