Tribe allows you to create a safe and secure enterprise social network so that employees communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge in an efficient manner.

Given below is outline to help you set up your employee community with Tribe:

  1. Enable SSO to allow the employees of your company to login to the community with their existing user credentials.
  2. Set up groups (spaces/channels) inside your community based on different criteria such as departments, teams, and shared interests. You can also create groups for cross-functional collaboration.
  3. Enable or disable different content types based on the type of content you would like to create in the community.a. Q&A - Suitable for getting definitive answer to the questions.b. Discussions - Suitable for an ongoing discussions with threaded comments.c. Articles - Suitable for publishing knowledge-base with long-form content.d. Posts - Suitable for posting short updates.
  4. Control access or set up permission on the type of content different members and moderators can create.
  5. Use topics to categorise the content posted in the community.
  6. Create a topic and tag the topic to the uploaded files by creating posts. This is the easiest way to share important organizational documents, onboarding resources, and learning materials.
  7. Custom integration with file storage solutions such as Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox can also be configured with the help of Tribe team.
  8. Manage the lifecycle of content by spacial flairs and marking to denote relevance (e.g., out-of-date, up-to-date, undergoing update).
  9. Manage the theming of the community to reflect your brand guidelines. Change the primary and secondary color, add your logo, favicon, and icons. Add custom CSS for intricate design customization.
  10. Enable Google Analytics or Amplitude Analytics to measure user adoption and track employee behavior.

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