A bot is an unreal profile designed to act like a real member and to interact with the other users. This feature mostly can be used at the very early days of a community, when initial contents are going to be added. Each bot has a face, name, and personality, which makes it real and trustable.

Community Administrators/Moderators can use the face of bot accounts for posting a content, replying or commenting under others' contents, answering to others' questions, liking others' contents and comments. The purpose is to build an engaging environment and to encourage all the members to interact with each other.

Once a bot is added to your community, Administrators and Moderators can use the face of the bot to do normal activities in the community.  Here are some samples:

Posting a content

When posting any content type, you can click your profile photo to select the bot from the drop-down menu. 

Adding a comment/answer

Up-voting an answer

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