An Administrator can update the logo, favicon and banner of the community. This is important to keep your community in sync with your brand.

The logo that you upload in Tribe will be shown on the header of your portal. Whatever image you upload, the height of the image will be set to 40px. It is advised that you upload a square image with the minimum of 100px height and 100px tall. It should also support for 2x image resolutions (e.g: Macbook Retina Displays) 

📝Tribe does not support rectangle logos but you can use this guide as a workaround to add rectangle logo to your Navbar.


The Favicon is a small pixel icon that appears on the web browser next to the page title. It serves as branding for your website and a convenient way for visitors to locate your page when they have multiple tabs open.

Favicon is standard across the internet. Favicon must be square. The recommended size is 512 x 512 which will be resized into proper dimensions.

Portal Banner
The Portal Banner image in an admin refers to Open Graph Image Meta Tag Size.

This image is used when your community is shared on social media. We recommend an image that is greater than 1200 x 630 for the best display on social media.

To update these three images, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Admin Panel.

2. Select Settings at the left-hand side menu.

3. Under the General Settings tab, you can upload the Logo, Favicon and Open Graph Image.

4. Hit Save to apply the changes.

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