Reporting a content is a way of maintaining the content of your community. Making sure that all content in your community follow your community's value should be one of your priorities. This way, your user's enjoy a safe and wholesome community. Here are the reasons why you will be reporting a post.

  1. Harassment: disparaging or adversarial towards a person or group.
  2. Spam: Undisclosed promotion for a link or product
  3. Poorly Written: Not in English or has very bad formatting, grammar, and spelling.
  4. Incorrect Topics: Topics are irrelevant to the content or overly broad.
  5. Against Rules: Is against Terms of Use of your community.

How to Report a Content

  1. Go to the post you are planing to report.
  2. Click on the three dots located at the bottom of the post.
  3. Click on Report a post and choose the reason for reporting.
  4. Choose the reason for reporting.

*For Admins - you can view all reported content by going to Admin Panel > Reports > Reports. You will see all the reported content and the reason for the report. This way, you get to maintain the quality of your community.

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