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We made it easier for users with a moderator role to access the "Moderation" section for the entire community. Just to add, the Moderation section is now enabled even if you don't have the "Moderation app" enabled in your community. You will see the new Moderation Section when you click on your Avatar on the upper right part of your community.

We've put everything related to moderation in one place to make it easier for Moderators to monitor the entire community. Pending members (who have requested to join private groups), Pending posts (sent to the moderation because they are not meeting the rules defined in the moderation app settings), and Reported posts (for the already lived posts which are reported as spam or harassment by regular members in the community).

Users with the "Moderator" role on their community accounts can access all the items in the moderation section. They can also click on the "Feed" button to filter the items based on "Groups" so that they only see the items related to that specific group.
Users with the "Group Moderation" role can only see the items related to their group(s) in the moderation section.

Also, on top of the home feed, moderators can see a message like the one below that informs them how many items are still pending in the moderation section that they have access to.

What can the moderators expect to access in the new Moderation section?

  1. Pending members - All users asking to join a private group.
    If you "Accept", the users will be added to the group. If you "Decline", the user will not be able to join the group.
  2. Pending Posts - Pending posts blocked by moderation app per group, all groups, and Feed (general home feed).
    If you "Approve", the content will be added to the community. If you "Dismiss", the content will be deleted.
  3. Reported Posts - All the posts reported by regular members as spam or harassment.
    If you "Approve", the content will be added to the community again. If you "Dismiss", the content will be deleted.

We are excited about these updates and we hope that this will make it much simpler to moderate your community. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to send us a message at [email protected] or use the bottom on the right-hand corner to start a conversation!

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