Administrators can "suspend" a user account withing community if the user account is spam, the person is posting inappropriate content, or simply the user's culture does not match with community's culture.

How you can "suspend" an account? It is super simple.
1. Go to the member's profile page.
2. Click on Edit Profile.
3. Scroll down to the Admin Tools section.
4. Change the status from "Active" to "Suspended by moderators".
5. Hit Save to apply the changes.

Once the user account it suspended, the user won't be able to log into the community anymore:

NOTE: If you are a user and your account is suspended by mistake, you can contact your community admins via email.

Where Administrators can set the contact email address?

You can add your community contact email from Admin Panel> Settings> General Settings> Insert your contact email under the "Email" section> Save changes.

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