Tribe offers a different set of tools and options to help community admins and moderators promote content. Whether it's a welcome message to members or a hot topic, you can use the following method to promote them.

Pinning a post

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your most important post is the first thing that visitors and members of your community will see. It allows you to draw attention to a certain piece of content of your community.

You can pin just any content in your community. Think of a pinned post as a sort of “preview” of your community. While your most recent content might not make the greatest impression of your community, a pinned post has the potential to do that.

In Tribe, Administrators can pin any content, including questions, posts, discussion, and articles. A pinned post will stay at the top of your home feed and/or a group page.

Right now, the order of showing the pinned posts is based on the time they are pinned. Later on, we are adding the option to change the order of pinned posts much more easier.

1. Go to the content that you would like to post.
2. Click the (...) on the lower right-hand section of the content.
3. Choose either Pin post to the main feed or Pin post to group feed.

Another option to promote content is to mark a question as trending to make sure users will notice them when visiting the community. For other content types, you might need to consider pinned post feature.

1. Click on the question to open it in a page.
2. Click on the (...) button on the bottom-right of question card.
3. Click on "Add to Trending" button.

It should appear in Home Feed the next time you refresh the page:

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