You can control what notifications your community members will receive. This setting will be on the community level meaning, this will be the universal setting for all members of the community. But you can also change the notification setting on the account level which we will tackle in this article.

Changing the community level notification.

1. Go to Admin Panel.

2. Head on to Access then look for Email.

3. You will be able to choose what notifications will be sent to your community members. 

Changing the notification setting on the account level.

You can customize the notifications you will be receiving by doing the steps below. 

1. Click on your avatar on the upper right part of the community page and click on Account Settings.

2. Next, click on Emails and Notifications.

3. This is where you will customize the notifications your account will be receiving from community activity. Please note that this is will only be applied to your account alone and not the whole community. 

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