The content types define how your members can interact with each other.

You can easily enable/disable a content type or reorder them based on importance.

Administrators can choose the default available post types on their community.

Follow the steps below to update the settings related to post type or content type:

1. Go to your Admin Panel:

2. Click on the Content Types at the left-hand side menu.

3. You can enable/disable each content type by toggling the switch at the upper right corner.

You can change the priority of displaying each content type using the small arrows on the top of each content type. 

For more information about each content type, click on the info sign on top of each content type. 

4. Click on the Advanced Options to edit the advanced settings including:

  • Verb
  • URL
  • Placeholder
  • Who can post?
  • Description
  • Rules
  • File Setting
  • Default Sort (Article only)
  • Thread Setting (Discussion only)
  • Anonymous Setting

5. You may update the Content Tagging Settings at the right-hand side.

6. Scroll down and Save the changes.

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