Not all communities look the same. Soundcloud is the community around audio content and medium is a community for bloggers.

Tribe supports different types of content so you can create the best experience for your users. The administrator can choose which types of content can be published in the community and who should be able to post them.

While all content can be liked and followed, each content type has its own unique attributes. 

Currently, there are 4 different content types available on Tribe communities:

  • Post
  • Question
  • Discussion
  • Article

1. Questions and Answer

This is perfect for finding definitive answers on a topic or a question. You can request an answer from other community members to find the best possible answer to your questions. You can up-vote each answer and the answers to one question are ordered by the number of votes. You can post a comment under the question or answers, and you can mention the other users in your comments. You can define rewards for any question using Tribe's Virtual Currency. Similar questions can be merged, so all the information related to one of the questions will be displayed for the other similar question as well. 

2. Discussion

It is great for ongoing dialogue with others in the community. You can define a topic/header and a body for a discussion. Users can reply to your discussion and the threaded replies are ordered chronologically. Users can like and reply to the other replies too. Unlike questions which are looking for a solid answer or opinion individually, in discussion, the purpose is for the users to argue and discuss around a topic. Therefore, it is designed for the users to easily interact with each other. Discussions display the profile images of the first five participants.

3. Article

Similar to discussions, but mostly used for sharing knowledge/ information/ facts.  Functionality is as same as discussion, but you can change the emoji and name for this so people know that this is not a place to share their opinions or to discus with other. This is an informative content type.

4. Post

It is a very simple, complete status update with comment and like. This is designed to quickly share what's on your mind with everyone. You can attach multiple photos, URLs, and files to your post. You can also mention other users using @ inside your “post”.

People can only make short comments under your post, so you get notified about the comments. But, unlike discussion, users cannot reply to each other. Users can like your post as well. 

Please be advised that admins are able to change the name and the emoji for any content type. Also, admins can make restriction for each content type. For example, admins can change the name of Article to "events" and then define that only admins are able to post events content type. 

We strongly recommend that you don't enable every type of content as this can confuse your users. If you can, just enable the type of content your community will be able to utilize. Learn how to disable/enable content type by browsing our help our article here

Got any questions? Send us a message at [email protected], or use the bottom right hand corner widget to start a conversation!

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