Are you wondering how to integrate your community with Facebook Messenger? Are you hoping to receive notifications via Facebook Messenger? If your answer is yes to both questions, then look no further as this article will show you how it's easily done.

You can make an integration between your tribe community and Facebook Messenger. This way, all your members will be able to receive their community notifications on their Facebook Messenger. An admin of the community can easily set this up. 

However, you may find this process complicated, as Facebook has made the overall process hard to pass. But this is certainly doable, and we will show you how it's done below. Also, If you are a premium or an enterprise client, our team might be able to assist you with the setups at an additional cost. Feel free to send us a chat if you need our help to set this up. In case you want us to do the setting for you, you will need to check the alert section in your Facebook App by going to to provide the Facebook company with the potential information from your business (which we do not have access to).

And please also take into consideration that your integrations needs to be approved by Facebook, and it may take a few days (this is from Facebook's side and Tribe cannot speed up this process). 

Now that we got that out of the way, let us start learning how to make the integration. You first need to do some setting in your Facebook app and in your community as well:

  1. Go to your Facebook apps at > Click on My Apps to create an app bot> Choose an existing app or click on Add New App> Choose a name for your Facebook bot> Insert your email> and Submit

2. Log in to your Tribe community> Admin Panel> Apps> Install Facebook Messenger. You will see this message to install the messenger app:

You need to insert Page Username, Access Token, App Secret, and Verify Token:

2.1. To find the App secret, go to > Settings> Basic> App Secret (click on show to see it, and copy and paste).

2.2. To find the Access Token, go to Dashboard> Set up Messenger> Setting under Products> select a page or create a new business page> Answer the Questions> Now your Access Token should be available.

Set up Messenger

select a page or create a new business page

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Access Token Is Available 

2.3. Type down the page username > this is the same username for your Facebook, as you use the URL of it should direct you to the Facebook page of that username. 

2.4. Verify Token is the password that you will define. Remember the password you are using. 

Enable and Save the changes.

3.1. Go to > Settings under Products section > Scroll down to Webhooks > Setup Webhook > Insert Callback URL (the first part of your community url, followed by /api/v1/app/messenger. For example:

3.2. Verify token is the password you have chosen in your community. 

3.3. Pick The 6 Items shown in the picture.

Setup Webhook

Insert Callback URL and Pick These 6 Items

3.4. Verify and Save the changes, wait for a few second and you will see this message:

4. Scroll down to Webhooks section, and select a page to subscribe:

Select a Page To Subscribe

5. Go to Settings> Basic> Insert a Name Space (can be any name, just letters, without numbers)> Insert App Domain (which is the main part of your community URL, like: > Insert Privacy Policy (https://yourcommunity Url/privacy) > Insert Terms of Service Url (https://yourcommunity Url/terms) > Save changes> Turn on the key on the top right side.

Please be advised that you need to have the terms of use and privacy policy on your community first. Check out this link that explains how you can do it.

You will see this message:

Choose Category (for example: community and government)> Confirm.

6. Go to your community and refresh the home page. Now you should be able to see the "connect messenger" on the right toolbar. Click on it, and it will direct you to this page that says your messenger is now connected:

Now, only you, the other admins, and a tester from Facebook is able to use your Facebook Messenger. To make it accessible for all your community users:

Go to > Messenger> Settings> scroll down to click on the add to submissions in front of the pages-messaging> Details> choose the command as /connect and choose the message as "your messenger is now connected"> Save the changes. 

Messenger> Settings

Add to Submissions


Insert /connect and the Message

Now you need to wait for Facebook to approve your integration. It usually takes 1-2 business days from Facebook's side. That's it, your community members will start receiving notifications via Facebook messenger. 

Got any questions? Send us a message at [email protected], or use the bottom right hand corner widget to start a conversation!

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