Amplitude is a comprehensive product analytics tool that allows you to track 10 million user actions per month for free! Tribe's integration with Amplitude is quite straightforward and helps you measure granular metrics for your community.

Once the integration is set up, Tribe starts sending user activities and user properties to the Amplitude account so you can build powerful report by slicing and dicing the data.

How to install the Amplitude app

Follow the steps outlined below to enable the integration:

1. Access the admin settings.

2. Click on 'Apps' on the left navigation.

3. Install 'Amplitude'.

4. Now you should be able to access 'Amplitude' from the left navigation.

5. Enable the app and paste the API key for your community site after signing up on Amplitude.

Note: You need to create a project on Amplitude for your community to access the API key. 

Once the integration is correctly set up, Tribe will start sending wide range of actions (or events) performed in the community. 

Based on these you should be able to create dashboards and report on different metrics. Here are some of the common metrics:

  • Member growth
  • Time series analysis of member behaviour or events (logging in, comments, upvotes, etc.)
  • Member stickiness
  • Member retention rate

Here are some sample screenshots from dashboards created in Amplitude:

                                                Community events logged over time 

                                            Community admin and member stickiness

User actions and user properties sent to Amplitude

Here are the user actions that Tribe sends to Amplitude:

Added topic
Answered request
Asked question
Cancelled reward
Created group
Created post
Deleted comment
Followed post
Followed question
Followed topic
Followed user
Installed app
Invited users
Joined group
Logged in
Need approval
Reasked question
Requested answer
Requested group
Reset password
Rewarded question
Unfollowed post
Unfollowed question
Unfollowed topic
Unfollowed user
Uninstalled app
Unvoted answer
Unvoted comment
Unvoted post
Updated app
Updated comment
Updated email
Updated password
Updated portal
Updated portal image
Updated profile
Updated profile image
Upvoted answer
Upvoted comment
Upvoted post
Verified email

Given below are the user properties sent to Amplitude:

User ID
Email Status
Followed Topics
Followed Users
External ID
Text Badge
Text Badge Type
Followers Count
Following Count
Views Count
Answers Count
Answer Votes Count
Answer Words Count
Comments Count
Posts Count
Question Followers Count
Edits Count
Requests Count
Email Notifications Enabled
Email Notifications Auto Follow
Email Notifications Topic Follow Method
Email Notifications Mentions Frequency
Email Notifications Followed Topics Frequency
Email Notifications Followed Posts Frequency
Email Notifications Upvotes Frequency
Email Notifications Followed Users Frequency
Email Notifications New Followers Frequency
Last Action At
Last Seen At
Last Post At
Connected Google
Connected LinkedIn
Connected Facebook
Connected Telegram
Connected Messenger
Connected Slack
Portal Name
Portal ID
Portal Domain

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