Topics are used to categorize content inside your community. Posts can be tagged with multiple topics to make it easier for other users to find and explore content. Users can follow topics to personalize their feed and receive a daily digest from new posts on their followed topics.  

There are two types of topics:

  1. Collection: The main topics of the community that are listed in "All Topics" page. Only Administrator can create new collections or edit the type of an existing topic.
  2. Tags: It is similar to hashtags in Twitter and Instagram. Tag has lower importance than collection. Tag does not get displayed in the "All Topics" page. Its landing page doesn't have pictures or follow buttons.

Creating a topic

Here are the steps to create a topic:

  1. Click on "Admin Panel" and go to "Topics"
  2. Click on "Add Topic"
  3. Enter the name and the description and choose the type of the topic. 
  4. You can also set the definition to clarify it further for the members.

Adding certain topics to left navigation bar

Adding the main topics of the community to the left navigation sidebar is a great way to help users find and explore content.

Building topics structure

It's possible to create a hierarchy in the community by adding subtopics. This would help it easier for users to navigate through the content. 

To add a subtopic, go to the "All Topics" and then click on a topic to go to its page. You can find the option to "Edit Subtopics" on the left side.


  • Avoid setting a subtopic under two different topics.
  • Do not exceed more than two levels of subtopics for the best result.
  • It's not possible to use multi-level topics within a group.

Using topics in a group

If you need to help users find and navigate through content within a group, you can list the related topics and highlight them in that group. Clicking on a featured topic within a group, would only filter the group feed with that topic.

To add a topic within a group go to the group page, click on (...) and "Highlight Topics" by adding them to the list.

Other topic settings

  • If you want to change the URL of a topic to make it more SEO friendly, you can do that by editing the slug. Go to the topic page, click on (...) and then Edit. 
  • If you want to enforce users to choose the topics of their content when posting, enable this option by going to Admin Panel > Content Types and enable "Tagging topics is mandatory"
  • If you want to make it easier for users to find the topics if they are searching the synonyms, go to the topic page, click on (...), go to details and add the topic aliases. 
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