We've created this overview to give you an understanding of different core features of the Tribe Platform. There are many other functionalities and apps available in Tribe, but you don't need to know them right away to get started.

Community access

Communities can be either private or public. Private community gives access to only the logged-in users, while public communities are accessible to non-members as well.

You can choose either public or private mode for your community.However, note that it is a good idea to keep the public community in private mode until it is ready to go live.

Content type

This essentially refers to the type of posts that can be created inside the community. This means content types are useful for defining the type of content that members can post.

You can enable or disable the content types. Given below is the brief description of the content types:

  • Question - This is designed to get a definitive answer for a specific question. Members can upvote the answers and request an answer from other members.
  • Post - This content type is designed for posting short updates. Members can upload images, videos and attach files.
  • Discussion - Discussions are great for facilitating ongoing conversations in the community. This content type comes with a title section and a rich text editor for additional context. The replies on the discussion are threaded and ordered in a chronological manner.
  • Article - This content type is similar to discussions and designed to write long-form articles (e.g., blogs)


Topics are used to categorize the topics and Tribe supports the following types of topics:

  • Category - A category is a container or collection of other topics. Content cannot be assigned directly to the category, but content can be assigned to the topics available in a category.
  • Collection - This topic type has a dedicated page in the community and members can follow the topic.
  • Tag - This is very similar to the hashtags used on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.


Groups can be termed as sub-communities inside your community. You can create groups inside the community to bring members with shared interest or common elements closer and facilitate deeper conversations.

There are three types of groups:

  • Public - This is visible to all the members in the community and anyone can join these groups.
  • Private - Private groups are visible in the community, but the group admin must invite or approve the members to join the group.
  • Secret - Secret groups are not visible to any member in the community; the group admin must invite the members to join the group.

Member profile

Member profiles are designed to store the user's data, displaying the activities inside the community, content contribution, and make the user discoverable for networking.

User feed

The Feed is the stream of posts created in the community that delivers the content to the members in a  highly contextual manner by considering different factors such as the topics followed, members followed, group membership, etc.


Tribe offers a host of notification tools that can be used to bring back the members to improve the retention rate and keep the members updated. This includes in-community notification, emails, messengers integration and more.

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