Notifications keep the community members updated about various activities and messages in the community in a contextual manner.

Tribe supports the following types of notifications

  1. In-community notifications
  2. Emails
  3. Messengers and messaging apps
  4. Web and mobile notifications via Firebase
  5. Other Methods
    - Webhooks
    - Embedding Notification to your application
    - Marketing automation apps
    - External notification inside the community

In-community notifications

Tribe allows you to send notifications to the members inside the community for categories such as answers, questions, comments, mentions.
This is accessible from the 🔔 icon on the top-right. Members can click on these individual notifications and take necessary actions.


Emails are one of the most reliable and widely-adopted social technologies used for communication.

Users can set their preference to receive notifications immediate, daily, weekly or turn off email notifications .

Messengers and messaging apps

By connecting their preferred messenger, users you can receive notification about different activities inside the community concerning their account. Currently Tribe offers integration with popular apps such as Slack, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. In some messengers, members not only get notified but also have the ability to react to the notification by taking action right inside the app.

Web and mobile notifications via Firebase

Only available on the Enterprise Plan
Tribe's integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) lets you reliably send community activities as native push notifications to web, iOS and Android devices.
This is specially useful when you want to send selective notifications with deep links on browsers or mobile devices.

Other notification methods


Webhooks by Tribe is yet another powerful way to notify external web services and send data about any event that happens in the community and handle notifications at your side.

You can precisely select different community events such as ‘joined group’, ‘asked question’, and ‘posted answer’ to send the data and metadata (includes the member data) to a specific URL.

Marketing automation apps

Tribe has in-built integration with marketing apps such as Intercom. Once the integration is configured for your community, Tribe would sync the member data in Intercom. All the activities associated with the member would be sent to Intercom as well — you can use that to automate messaging based on different conditions.

For example, if someone has not uploaded a profile picture 5 days after joining the community, you can send an email or in-app message via Intercom.

Embedding Notification to your application

Another great way to engage users back to the community is through embedded notifications. Display Tribe's notification widget on your web or mobile app and bring members back to the community when they receive a notification. 

External notification inside the community

All of the above-mentioned notification systems are largely focused on broadcasting messages from the community. However, it is possible that a company would want to notify the community members by integrating messages or updates from another site. You can absolutely do that using our API and automatically push notifications into the community.

Got any questions? Send us a message at [email protected], or use the bottom right hand corner widget to start a conversation!

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