These are the terms you'll commonly see when you use Tribe, interact in Tribe Community and support team.

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Active members

Active members are the members of the community with any activity in the last 30 days. Logging in to the community is also considered an activity.


Announcement is the content box shown on top of the feed on homepage.


Apps are the collection of additional extensions and third-party integration that can be installed to improve the functionality of the community.


Article is a type of content suitable for publishing long-form content.

Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent is an app that helps community admins customize the text and layout of the cookie consent box that is displayed to the community visitors for regulatory compliances.

Community access

The access to the community refers to the way members view the community content. It can be either public or private.

Content types

There are four different types of post/content that can be created in the community — question, discussion, post, article.


This type of post is useful for initiating an ongoing conversation by highlighting the context. This post type comes with a section for title and a rich text editor to elaborate the discussion title.


Domain refers to the custom domain where the community can be access on the web.


The Feed is the stream of posts created in the community that delivers the content to the members in a  highly contextual manner by considering different factors such as the topics followed, members followed, group membership, etc.


Groups are a collection of members with a common goal or shared interested to carry out focused discussions. These groups can be public, private, or secret in nature. Public groups are visible to all the members and any member can join such groups.

Private groups are visible, but the group admin must approve the members' request to join the group. Secret groups are not visible, so the group admin needs to invite certain members to join the group.


The registered users of the community are considered as members of the community.


Like is a reaction that members express by clicking on the heart icon for content posted on the community.


This is a content type that allows members to publish a short status update as well as the ability to upload files and images.

Public community

A public community is a community that allows any visitor to view the content posted on the community.

Private community

Private community restricts the visitors from viewing the content of the community unless they sign up as a member.


Question is a type of post or content useful for getting definitive answer.


Reputation is the total score a member accumulates in the community based on the activities inside the community. The scores be configured and awarded to the members for actions such as asking a question, answering, creating post, receiving likes, and commenting.

Social Login

Social Login is an app that allows members to log in to the community by using the existing social media account credentials.

Sign up wall

This is an app that restricts visitors from reading the whole community content and requires them to sign up to access the content. However, search engine crawlers have complete access to the content for indexing.

SEO Boost

This app allows the community admin to configure granular SEO settings for the community. Some of the critical features of the app are ability to add no-index tags, update the sitemap, and the robots.txt file.


SSO (Single Sign-On) allows the community admins to configure a smooth sign-in process for the users by allowing them to log in to the community with their existing account credentials. Tribe has out-of-the-box support for JWT, OAuth2, and Impexium. However, for enterprise clients Tribe offers custom SSO apps.


Topics are used to categorize content and Tribe supports the following types of Topics:

  • Category - A category is a container or collection of other topics. Content cannot be assigned directly to the category, but content can be assigned to the topics available in a category.
  • Collection - This topic type has a dedicated page in the community and members can follow the topic.
  • Tag - This is very similar to the hashtags used on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Virtual currency

Virtual currency app allows the community admin to reward the members with a self-defined virtual coin and offers provision to make the coins redeemable for actual products or services.

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