Tribe is the most customizable community software in the market. It helps you connect, engage, and retain users in an online branded community.

Businesses and creators use Tribe to enable their customers and users to discuss and connect under their brand. Users can post photos and videos, write articles, ask questions or post answers, create polls, comment share links.

What can I build with Tribe?

Unlike traditional outdated forums, Tribe is inspired by social media platforms which have drastically changed users behavior over the last decade. Tribe's customization engine let you tailor a community experience and create your very own version of LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Medium, Soundcloud, etc.

  • Customer community to engage and support customer
  • Professional community to connect and share practices
  • Ambassadors and feedback community
  • Students and Alumni community
  • Social community to sell product and services
  • Internal employee and partners community

Who uses Tribe?

  • Businesses: Software and internet companies, online marketplaces, E-commerce websites looking to drive growth and engagement by building a customer community.Support Team who are looking for a way to connect their customers so they can get help from their peers and share best practices.Product Team who want to build a community experience within their web or mobile applications and save their internal resources from developing all the features including feeds, notifications, moderation, etc.Marketing Team who want to collect user-generated content and use that to drive organic traffic and build social-proof.
  • Creators and entrepreneurs: Individual creators, bloggers and vloggers, influencers, podcasters, trainers and authors who want to connect their fanbase and increase their engagement.
  • Associations and Non-profits: Membership organizations and social initiatives looking to connect their members and audience for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and inspiration.
  • Universities and incubators: Educational institutes looking to build an alumni community to help them share knowledge and opportunities.

What makes Tribe different?

Tribe is more than a community website. It's a powerful solution that deeply integrates into your website, web and mobile application. Using Tribe you can bring community touch-points into your customer's journey and create a seamless experience for your users. Tribe also comes with a lot of out-of-the-box integrations with third party tools such as marketing, CRM and analytics.

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