With the Intercom app, you can let your users search community posts along with your Intercom help articles within Intercom Messenger. The Intercom app also helps you create attributes from your members' community data such as profile updates or number of posts and more.

Install Tribe App on Intercom

Installing the Tribe app on Intercom would let users search both community posts as well as the help articles right from the messenger box. You just need to follow the steps below:

1. Go to Intercom's app store, select the Tribe app, and click ‘Install now.’

2. Click on "Authorize Access" to complete the installation.

3. Go to Messenger page, open "Add Messenger home apps" and click on "Add an app" and choose Tribe.

4. Enter your community URL (required) and Intercom Help Center URL (optional).

Make sure you have it installed for both Visitors and Users. Finally, click on "Save and set live". 

The search box should now show up for all visitors and users on your Intercom.

Install Intercom App on Tribe

Installing the Intercom app on your Tribe would let you display Intercom messenger on the community, pass user information and actions to Intercom.

1. Install Intercom by clicking on your profile picture then go to Account Settings, and click on apps.

2. Copy the app id (workspace id) from your Intercom account and paste it in Tribe's Intercom app integration settings page.

3. Enable the app and enter certain mandatory details and select configurations based on your needs.


  • Send members name to Intercom: Select this if you would like to send the members' name saved in the community to Intercom contacts.
  • Use Tribe User ID as Intercom Identifies: If Tribe is your user management provider and you are not using Single Sign-on, you can enable this option so the member data is passed from Tribe to Intercom.
  • Show Intercom Messenger Icon inside: Check this if you want the messenger box to be displayed on the community. 

Sending user attributes to Intercom

Using Tribe's Intercom app, you can send user actions (e.g. Number of posts, Profile updates, etc) and user properties (e.g. Role, Status, Last Login, etc) to Intercom as custom attributes. This will help you see the information on a user profile on Intercom and let you send targeted outbound messages based on these attributes.

Here's how:

1. Select "Send Member Actions in Intercom" in this app setting. In order to generate an Access Token, go to Intercom Developer Hub. Click on "New app".

2. Choose an "App name" for your reference and select your active "Workspace name", select Internal integration and click on create app.

3. On Intercom Developer Hub, go to "Basic Information" and click on the change version.

4. Select 1.3 as the API version.

5. Once the app is created and the API version is updated, you would be able to get the "Access token" from the "Authentication" section. 

6. Copy and paste the access token from the Authentication section on Intercom Developer Hub and paste that into your Tribe's Intercom app setting under "Access Token".

You can choose your preferred prefix for user properties and events.

Finally, if you have enabled Identity Verification on your Intercom account, you need to get the "Identity Verification Secret" from Intercom and paste that in its section on Tribe.

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